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Herpes Dating Site

Dating Sites for People with Herpes – Find a Person Who Will Take You as You Are

Archaic methods of dating in real life are difficult things for many of us - the fact that you are a herpes positive does not make it easier. However, all HSV singles are advised not to hide their problems and speak honestly about such things. At first glance, the idea of destroying one’s own walls and sharing such sensitive things with someone makes acquaintance very difficult or even impossible. Despite the fact that people have many open sources for understanding STIs and herpes in particular, dating with herpes singles remains a taboo subject for many. As you know, herpes is an incurable disease, but well preventable. Therefore, each person who are herpes positive should have a chance to meet true love.


We have gathered some knowledge and interesting facts about herpes that you will be interested to know about:

  1. HSV-1 (or oral herpes) is one of the most common types of herpes that occurs in about half of the population. This virus spreads through oral contact.

  2. About 17% of the population aged 14 to 50 years are carriers of HSV-2 - a special strain of herpes transmitted through more intimate contacts.

  3. The main cause of herpes infection is the lack of honesty of the sexual partner.

  4. Successful herpes dating may require longer communication, stronger self-control, and the establishment of creative closeness with a potential partner. However, if you are a herpes positive person, this does not mean that your reputation is tarnished. Many people have abandoned the wrong type of thinking according to which herpes positive people are dirty and vicious.

  5. If you are infected with HSV-2, you should inform your partner in advance.


Despite the fact that society - and you yourself - impose certain barriers, Internet technologies make it easy to overcome them. We offer you the opportunity to choose the best dating site for people with herpes that will create a transparent environment for interacting with people like you, as well as uninfected singles that can accept you as you are without reproach and condemnation. By discovering herpes dating websites, you will realize that meeting people with herpes can be simple and comfortable. Being in front of the screen, you will feel safe when you talk about your specific condition to other participants - this is much less painless than if you reported your problem face to face.


Herpes Dating Sites Reviews

We have compiled a list of herpes dating apps and websites that will eliminate all the barriers to finding your perfect match. Using these HSV dating sites, you can set up a connection with your potential partner before deciding on dating in real life. All these HSV dating sites create a sense of community for people with herpes who want to meet their true happiness or to find friends at least. Each of the presented websites is niche, simplifying the process of overcoming all kinds of obstacles and helping you find significant people - while you remain extremely honest.


Positive Singles

Launched in 2001, this site is number one for HSV singles and people with STDs who want to find their true love. It created a large community of infected people - about 2M active accounts. According to statistics, about 70% of profiles belong to herpes positive singles. However, all other participants are friendly and tolerant. Throughout its work, Positive Singles has helped tens of thousands of herpes positive singles find their pair. Studies show that this herpes dating site surpasses many of its closest competitors in terms of effectiveness - the highest success in finding partners.


Positive Singles offers many exciting and unique features, including forums and blogs, a quick messaging service, an online herpes dating consultant, and a symptom treatment advisor. Many of these features are available under a free subscription option. However, to find the perfect match successfully, we recommend that you purchase a paid membership for $ 29.95 per month. Positive Singles is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. It includes the function of quick viewing of profiles with the possibility of sweeping with your finger to the right or left.



MPWH.com, with its 200K + audience, has become a large community for herpes positive singles around the world - the largest number of accounts from the United States. Previously, it belonged to the number of free herpe dating sites. However, now it includes a premium membership option with costs of $ 29.95 per month. Some important features of this herpes dating website remain available to free account holders. For example, without paying any cent, you can browse the database of profiles of people infected with HPV-1 or HPV-2, read a blog and send messages. However, you will have to pay for the opportunity to read e-mails received.


MPwH also includes a blog and a herpes forum - you can find many useful tips for your disease, as well as recommendations for successful dating. MPWH.com is much like its main competitor, including the cost of paid membership. However, Positive Singles is a herpes dating website with a significantly larger community of herpes positive singles.



This website was created in 2004 and is one of the oldest web services created for herpes positive singles who want to find their pair. It contains a blog with useful information on how to date with herpes people, and also includes many many interesting features that are available to every member absolutely free. So, if you want to use the best herpes dating website that allows you to send messages and be a member of the online network for free, HerpesPassions can be your best choice.


Since this herpes dating site is 100% free, you will encounter some disadvantages:

  • It often shows intrusive ads.

  • Its outdated design will not contribute to your best user experience.

  • Its base of participants is not as vast as that of most competitors. In addition, the activity on the site is quite low.


HerpesPassions can be your starting point in the world of herpes dating. However, if you want to increase your chances of success and get the best user experience, we recommend looking in the direction of its best paid competitors.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride


This is another free mail order bride site created to make meeting people with herpes process easier and safer. It also includes a blog with articles to support herpes positive people, as well as tips on herpes dating. With over 40K active users, H-Date is one of the largest online communities of herpes positive singles with a wide range of features available under a free subscription option. Unique features of this site include the “poll of voters” and the “list of participants” - functions that make the dating process simpler and more accessible.


We noticed some serious flaws in H-Date that you should be aware of:

  • Its template does not match the canons of modern design.

  • It shows Google commercials.

  • Many profiles are long abandoned by their owners.

  • In addition to herpes single, it accepts people with a variety of STDs, including HIV-positive people. Therefore, we recommend that you be extremely careful when you use H-Date to find a partner for an intimate relationship.



Although H-Mates is a niche dating site for people with herpes, it includes many features offered by regular dating sites. One of the key advantages of H-Mates is that you can register your account and use all its functions 100% for free. Despite the fact that H-Mates covers a wide audience of people with STDs, it includes deep profile and search engine settings that allow you to choose the types of participants depending on the type of STDs.


You can upload an unlimited number of photos and also use the video greeting option. H-Mates allows its members to exchange quick messages and send a virtual kiss as a sign of sympathy. You can also access some of the premium features of this herpes singles dating website if you agree to make a small donation.



Introduced to the world in 2007, HWerks.com was designed for singles with herpes to provide help in finding their like-minded people. It reminds you that if you have a diagnosis of herpes, this does not mean that your life on dates has ended. HWerks.com has several important goals - to stop the spread of misinformation about HSV-1 and HSV-2, to give herpes positive singles a sense of community and the opportunity to find their soulmate, inspire each member to live a full life and create romantic and other types of relationships.


HWERKS offers a simple Signing Up process. It includes many advanced features - quick messages, video chat, a blog to support herpes-positive people, forums and much more. Despite the fact that some functions are available under the terms of a free subscription, we recommend choosing a paid membership option - a $ 30 one-time fee for lifetime participation. Thanks to the convenient mobile version of HWERKS, you can connect with other herpes-positive singles much faster and easier.



This site creates a closed community of herpes positive singles and offers many promising features - a blog to support HSV singles, a forum for active discussions, a service for exchanging quick messages between participants, news and much more. You will not be able to view the profiles of members of this herpes community only after creating an account. The good news is that the registration process as well as all the functions of this herpes dating site are completely free.


The main advantage of HerpesAnonymous is that you will feel completely safe, as this website clearly complies with the requirements of the privacy policy. However, as 100% free herpes dating website, HerpesAnonymous spends little money on an advertising campaign, and therefore could not attract a large audience of herpes-positive singles. You can try it as an initial free option before choosing a more advanced HSV dating service with a wide range of functions available on a paid membership basis.



Like many other people with STDs or herpes-positive singles, you may feel depressed and lonely. However, H-YPE is here to help you find peace of mind as well as provide an opportunity to find a person who shares your life views. Designed for herpes-positive singles from the UK, H-YPE accepts people with STDs from different countries around the world.


This site has formed a rapidly growing community of people with HSV or HPV. It provides support for people with various diagnoses, and is also a promising platform for herpes dating, seeking friendship and love. By choosing a paid subscription option, you can communicate with other members through the quick messaging service, on forums, and through e-mail.


66% Herpes Positive Singles Use Niche Dating Sites Successfully

The sphere of herpes dating is becoming increasingly popular and has over 20 active websites that allow herpes-positive singles to find friends and partners for physical proximity without stress and any barriers. As online dating is constantly evolving and spanning many niches, herpes dating sites have become a breath of fresh air for many people with STDs.


These websites create large communities and include many social aspects that make them so promising for herpes-positive people. They provide support, give useful tips on herpes dating, and limit the ability to spread false information about STDs and herpes in particular. Therefore, many herpes infected singles have high hopes for dating sites - hundreds of new profiles are registered daily on herpes dating websites.


So, You Have Herpes - A Few Things You Should Know

  • The absence of herpes symptoms does not mean that you have recovered. Herpes can be transmitted during an intimate relationship if you have something called "asymptomatic shedding". Therefore, we recommend that you always use protective equipment such as condoms.

  • Use barrier methods in combination with drugs for suppressive therapy. This combination of protection methods minimizes the chances of transmitting the infection - however, intimacy is still potentially unsafe. Therefore, you should inform your potential partner of your diagnosis well in advance.

  • You will not experience the disappointment of an outcast person if you find the right partner. If he or she knows that you are a carrier of the herpes virus and accepts you as you are, then everything is fine and you can continue your rapprochement.


Tips on How to Find the Right Partner

Some people will decline your request for closeness when they find out that you are a herpes-positive single - a fact that you must accept before you get a negative dating experience. Herpes dating can be stressful. However, things get easier when you create a profile on one of our herpes singles dating websites. In addition, your diagnosis of a herpes-infected person does not mean that your life is over. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Talk about your diagnosis as early as possible.

  • Try to find as much useful information as possible to eliminate the lack of knowledge about your disease.

  • Minimize the chances that your disease will be transmitted to your partner with medication and protective barriers.



People with oral and genital herpes, who openly talk about their condition, have an intense sex life. Meeting the right person is not so easy, dating with herpes complicates this task just a little. However, thanks to herpes dating websites you can get useful tips on how to date with herpes, as well as the opportunity to meet people like you.


When it comes to choosing between mainstream and niche dating sites, you should consider the common mistake of herpes-positive singles. Usually, they use popular apps like Tinder and do not indicate information about their condition as they prefer to do this in person - they are often rejected as a result. Therefore, we recommend making a choice in favor of any site from our list - choose the best herpes dating service that meets all your expectations. Remember that a positive STD test result will not be a serious limitation on your romantic life.


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